#5 Metatarsal Fractures & Tendon Pain with Scott Epsley from Philadelphia 76 ers (NBA)

The Sports MAP Podcast
The Sports MAP Podcast
#5 Metatarsal Fractures & Tendon Pain with Scott Epsley from Philadelphia 76 ers (NBA)

Scott Epsley is the Director of Physiotherapy & clinical diagnostics at the Philadelphia 76er's in the NBA.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Scott's journey from Australia to working in the NBA
  • The pro's & cons of working in the NBA
  • The Rehabilitation system and structure at the 76er's
  • Rehabilitation of 5th metatarsal fractures/ stress fractures
  • Using ultrasound to improve diagnostics
  • Ultrasound guided dry needling
  • Technology advances used in rehabilitation*
  • Some interesting early work tendon stiffness in tendinopathy

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This is episode is brought to you by IMeasureU

* Side note: In this episode Scott mentions the use of IMU in his practice. This comment was not related in any way to the sponsorship and were completely unsolicited as part of the podcast.

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