#30 Isolated lateral collateral ligament ruptures with Matt Konopinski

How I Rehab
How I Rehab
#30 Isolated lateral collateral ligament ruptures with Matt Konopinski

In this 30th episode of the Sports MAP Podcast we chat with co-founder and Head Physiotherapist for Rehab 4 Performance in Liverpool, Matt Konopinski. Matt is a highly decorated specialist sports physiotherapist practicing in the UK.

Matt has over 15 years of experience working at the highest level of professional football. He has worked as the Head Physiotherapist for Liverpool, Rangers and Barnsley FC. Additionally, Matt has spent time as Men’s team Physiotherapist at the FA, England’s football governing body. He specialises in lower limb rehabilitation and optimising performance through biomechanics.

In this episode we cover a range of topics including:

  • Matt's background in elite men's football, Liverpool FC
  • Matt's interest and experience in knee injury rehabilitation
  • Importance of recognition and optimal management of LCL injuries
  • Mechanism of the injury
  • LCL injuries in conjunction with additional knee injuries
  • Assessment and diagnosis stategies
  • Imaging
  • Surgical vs non-surgical
  • Bracing processes
  • Key strengthening
  • Return to run
  • Return to kicking progressions

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