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The Sports MAP Network
#6 Calf Injuries with Shane Kelly (British Olympics)

Shane Kelly is the Head Physiotherapist of the British Athletic Team

In this episode of the Sports Map Podcast, Shane is presented with a case study of an acute calf strain injury and talks us through his process of rehabilitation back to competition levels. Shane touches on the following area's:

  • Acute Calf Injury assessment
  • Imaging for calf injuries
  • Prognostic factors
  • Adjuncts for early rehabilitation
  • Early loading & building calf capacity
  • Foot intrinsic training
  • Key criteria in calf rehabilitation
  • Return to Run criteria
  • Early running prescription
  • Training periodization & speed progressions
  • Re training acceleration mechanics
  • Monitoring response to loads
  • Thoughts on ACWR
  • Multidisciplinary team involvement for RTS
  • Key influences
  • And more

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British Athletic Muscle Injury Classification