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Tim McGrath is widely acknowledged as an expert in the field of ACL Rehabilitation and Return to play having completed his PhD on this topic in 2016. Tim has worked for numerous professional sporting teams as the Lead physio including:
• Port Adelaide Football Club (AFL)
• Canberra Raiders (NRL)
• St George Illawarra Dragons
• Australian Men’s Rugby 7’s
Tim is also the clinical director of Elite Sports Physio in Canberra & Director of Pitch Ready.

This Masterclass will take viewers through Tim’s ACL Rehabilitation process from early, mid, and late stage / sports specific rehabilitation including:
• Practical exercises you can use in each phase
• Return to running criteria
• Implementing change of direction
• Exit criteria for each stage of the rehab process

Tim provides some clinical gold around his knowledge of common movement strategies to watch for in your athlete and return to play decision making.

This video is designed to be suitable for clinicians working both in private practice and a sports setting. We hope you enjoy.


  • Tim McGrath
    Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (PhD)

Course Content

0.01 Introduction
0.32 Coaching & Cueing Exercises
1.43 Loading Framework
2.11 ACL Risk Factors for Re-injury
4.42 Mechanism of Injury
5.50 The ACL Rehabilitation Melting Pot
8.15 Quadriceps Strength
9.50 The Hamstrings
12.09 ACL Strain
14.28 ACL Rehabilitation Overview
15.05 Early Stage Rehabilitation
17.35 Mid Stage Rehabilitation
17.55 Mid Stage Rehabilitation Strength Exercises
19.30 Mid Stage Rehabilitation- Preparation to Run
21.00 Return to Running
22.38 Benchmark Testing (Pitch Ready)
23.10 Late Phase Rehabilitation
25.40 Addressing Mechanisms of Injuries in Late Stage Rehab
27.04 Sports Specific Phase & Change of Direction
28.23 Change of Direction Examples
29.55 Return to Sport Measures
31.10 Capacity Vs. Control for Return to Sport
32.05 Capacity Based Measures in Return to Sport Testing
33.20 Are Clinical Measures Helpful for a Return to Sport?
34.25 Movement Quality
35.10 Common Strategies of a Deficient Athlete
39.00 Return to Sport Testing- Essential Components
40.00 Testing Implications for Rehabilitation
41.18 Take Home Messages

This full course requires a paid registration.

  • Tim McGrath - ACL Rehabilitation & Return to Sport
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