The Difficult Foot & Ankle Masterclass Virtual Access Registration

The Difficult Foot & Ankle Masterclass Virtual Access

Virtual Access Available Now for a Limited Time Only!

Gain full access to this event (held March 2021) with 12 + hours of excellent content including all workshops. Presentation slides are embedded with in the video so have all the content in one package

  • The one off investment provides you 6 months access to re watch and review all content.
  • You will receive log in details to access the course once payment is complete. (If you do not receive this email contact us at [email protected] and will will arrange for you).
  • A certificate and payment receipt will be emailed to you in days after your registration.

Investment:  $395.00 (Aus)

This full course requires a paid registration.

  • Registration provides 6 months access to all course content
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