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Steve Saunders Masterclass

Intrapelvic dysfunction & its contribution to chronic groin pain

This video runs for just over one hour and is a mix of lecture and practical based content covering intrapelvic dysfunction & its potential contribution to chronic groin pain.
Steve is widely regarded as an expert in managing chronic groin pain. He is a sought after consultant around the world whilst heading up the medical team at the Adelaide Crows in the AFL.
Please enjoy the course.
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Course Content

0.12 Introduction

1.45 Chronic Groin Pain

5.21 Pain provocation tests – SIJ & Pubic Symphysis

  • 7.45 Bears Sign
  • 10.04 Pubic Symphysis – Bilateral Abduction test

13.49 Anatomy of the Pubic Girdle

18.16 Pain

  • 20.09 SIJ/ Lumber spine differentiation

20.45 Pelvic Function & Dysfunction

23.35 The STORK Assessment

33.58 Active straight leg raise test

36.30 Palpation

37.55 Pain Provocation test- Practical

  • 38.02- Bilateral Distraction
  • 40.28 Bilateral Abduction test
  • 41.02 Abdominal wall testing
  • 41.54 Pubic Symphysis Pain Provocation Tests
  • 45.25 Long lever POSH Test
  • 48.05 Sacral Thrust

50.53 Rehabilitation

  • 50.53 Transverse Abdominis Re -training
  • 52.42 Muscle Deficits

1.01.27 Masterclass Complete

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