#9 ACL Rehabilitation with Enda King

How I Rehab
#9 ACL Rehabilitation with Enda King

In this 9th Episode of the Sports MAP Podcast we chat for a second time with Rehabilitation Specialist from Ireland Enda King about ACL Rehabilitation. Enda touches on many aspects of Rehabilitation with some clinical gold around the following key aspects:

  • Key targets/ criteria in early, mid & late stage rehabilitation
  • Specific exercise selection
  • Errors commonly in rehabilitation and exercise technique
  • Isokinetic testing benchmarks
  • Linear mechanics and when to commence running
  • COD mechanics & how to translate to the field
  • Rate of force development prescription and testing
  • Key jumping tests
  • Changing poor movement patterns in a previously injured athlete
  • The influence of fatigue in rehabilitation
  • Return to sport

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