#18 T- Junction Injuries of the Biceps Femoris with Fearghal Kerin

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#18 T- Junction Injuries of the Biceps Femoris with Fearghal Kerin

In this 18th episode of the Sports Podcast we chat to Leinster Rugby Rehabilitation Physiotherapist & Phd candidate Fearghal Kerin on T junction Injuries of the Bicep Femoris.

  • Why the interest in T junction injuries?
  • What are T junction injuries and why should be aware of them?
  • What are the telltale signs of these injuries in our assessment?
  • Is there a specific MOI related to T junction injuries?
  • How do we use imaging to make diagnosis and guide our prognosis?
  • What is the potential benefit of ultrasound on guiding our rehab and RTP?
  • Do we manage these injuries differently to the standard BF hamstring injury?
  • What exercises specifically target this region?
  • How may our field based rehabilitation be modified?

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