#12 Return to Play for Shoulder Injuries in Collision Based Sports with Edel Fanning

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#12 Return to Play for Shoulder Injuries in Collision Based Sports with Edel Fanning

In this 12th Episode of The Sports MAP Podcast we chat with Edel Fanning (Phd Candidate) from the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin about Shoulder Rehabilitation and RTP from surgery for collision based sports. In this episode we talk to:

  • Findings from Edel's recent study in RTP for Shoulder injuries
  • Functional testing using force plates to guide decision making
  • Isokinetic Vs isometric testing for Rotator cuff strength measures
  • Addressing joint position sense in shoulder rehabilitation
  • Force plate functional tests Vs ASH test
  • Common errors in Shoulder Rehabilitation
  • Targeting specific muscle function in Shoulder Rehab
  • Laterjet Vs traditional stabilization surgery
  • Psychological readiness to return to play
  • Edel's key career influences

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