#10 Hip Dysplasia with Andrew Wallis

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#10 Hip Dysplasia with Andrew Wallis

Welcome to the 10th Episode of the Sports MAP Podcast.

In this Episode we chat to St Kilda Football Club (AFL) Physiotherapist and director of the Hip & Groin Pain Clinic Andrew Wallis on the key aspects in the assessment, diagnosis and management of Hip Dysplasia including:

  • What actually is Hip Dysplasia
  • How Andrew developed an interest in Hip Dysplasia
  • Subjective clues in assessment and key questions to ask patients
  • Key objective findings to assist in making a clear diagnosis
  • The importance of differentiating FAI and Hip dysplasia
  • Pain drivers in hip dysplasia
  • Imaging and radiological findings
  • Management options available
  • Setting expectations
  • Conservative management and rehabilitation guidelines
  • Return to running and sport

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