Peter Malliaras: Tendinopathy Rehabilitation & Return to Play

The Sports MAP Webinars Series 2020.

This presentation is part of the Rehabilitation steam of our Webinar Series and we are very excited to have tendon expert Dr. Peter Malliaras as our first guest.

Dr. Peter Malliaras completed his PhD in Tendinopathy at La Trobe University in 2006. He has since become one of leading clinicians and researchers in the management of Tendinopathy both in Australia and abroad. Currently, he is a Associate Professor at Monash University Physiotherapy Department and involved in multiple tendinopathy research projects and groups in Australia and internationally. Peter maintains a strong clinical focus, specializing in difficult tendinopathy cases and regularly consults to elite athletes.

Date: 14th April 2020
Time: 6pm (EDT) (10pm GMT)
Investment: FREE

Peter Malliarus