Perth 2016 – Prevention vs. Performance

Prevention vs. Performance: Managing Injuries in Sport

Date(s) – 15/10/2016 – 16/10/2016
8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Topics Overview

Train Smarter and Harder

  • Relationship between workload and injury
  • Injury prediction models
  • Protective effect of training

Best Practice Approach to Training Monitoring

  • A novel approach to modelling workloads
  • Return to training following off-season break
  • Return to train, play, and ‘compete’ plans

Case Studies

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • How can we do it better? (Group Discussion)

What Are We Actually Training For?

  • Demands of competition
  • Importance of RSA and RHIE ability
  • Winning the session

Performance Physiotherapy

  • Providing treatment vs. building resilience
  • High performance communication


Tim Gabbett

1. Cost: Benefit Ratios applied to sport (balancing the risks and rewards of training)
2. The benefits of pre-season training
3. Load and congested schedules
4. Combined effect of fitness, experience & the acute:chronic workload ratio on injury risk

Jarrod Wade

  • Reconditioning the injured athlete
  • Periodisation in rehabilitation programs
  • Speed progressions in soft tissue injury rehabilitation
  • GPS in rehabilitation for match demands
  • Practical rehabilitation progressions for a hamstring injury
  • Return to play considerations

Mark Finucane


Course outcomes and learning objectives include:

  • Proficient with athlete load management and monitoring tools in sport
  • Plan training programs to minimize injury risk yet maximise performance
  • Learn how to map a ‘return to performance’ rehabilitation program
  • How to plan for training around congested schedules
  • Learn end stage strength and speed progressions for hamstring rehabilitation
  • How and when to introduce energy storage and release for athletes with tendinopathy
  • When is the injured athlete ready to return to play safely
  • How to manage a tendinopathy in season
  • Reconditioning an injured athlete


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Terms & Conditions

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* All course participants should hold current Personal and Professional Liability Insurance, as this course includes 
practical components.
* Prices include GST and catering

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