Advanced Lower Limb Rehab in Sport

Learn from the Best working with the Best!

Sports Medicine Physiotherapy is excited to announce the introduction of  our latest course: Advanced Lower Limb Rehabilitation in Sport.

We have acquired three fantastic presenters to deliver an in depth two day seminar on the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries in elite sport. The course will be conducted at the excellent facilitates of Rugby WA at Challenge Stadium in order to utilise the practical exercise components of rehabilitation. Participants will be encouraged to actively engage in discussion, debate and information sharing. Furthermore this course will provide an excellent opportunity to network with other Physiotherapists working in high level sports.

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November 2014
8.00am- 5.00pm
Rugby WA Challenge Stadium 203 Underwood Ave Perth WA 6104
$570.00 (inc. GST & full catering)



1) Anthony Hogan
: Groin Injury Consultant- English Premier League, AFL, NRL, NBL

2) Greg Mullings: Sports Physiotherapist: Fremantle Dockers Football Club

3) Emidio Pacecca: Senior Sports Physiotherapist: Western Force- Super Rugby


1) Groin Injury & RehabilitationPresented by Anthony Hogan: Consulate Physiotherapist English Premier League, AFL, NBL, NRL and the A-league.

  • a) Review of patho-anatomy and the difficulties in diagnosis
  • b) The power of groin pain provocation tests
  • c) The role of imaging in chronic groin pain
  • d) Decision making during rehabilitation
  • e) Complex case studies
  • d) Summary from the Qatar World Groin Injury Conference 2014

Day 2: 8.ooam-12.00pm

2) Advanced Hamstring Management- Presented by Greg Mullings: Fremantle Dockers

  • a) Advanced Clinical Reasoning in the Assessment and Diagnosis of Hamstring Injuries
  • b) Design and Implementation of Evidence Based Management and Rehabilitation Protocols for Hamstring Injuries
  • c) The Art and Science of Return to Play Decision Making for Hamstring Injuries

Day 2: 1.00pm- 5.00pm

3) Sports Specific ACL Rehabilitation- Presented by Emidio Pacecca: Western Force- Super Rugby

  • a) How to implement a task based sport specific rehabilitation program post ACL reconstruction.
  • b)Staged planning with objective outcome criteria
  • c) Trouble shooting through out the rehabilitation process
  • d) Large practical component on high-level end stage specific rehab