Online Conference: Mastering Lower Limb Muscle Injuries

The Sports MAP Network 2020 Online Conference.

Date: 29th April 2020
Time: 7.00am (GMT+1- London)// 4.00pm (AEST)
Concludes: 2.00pm (GMT+1)// 11.00pm (AEST)

Investment: Free/ Donation
We are encouraging those who can, to make a small donation to one of following two charities supporting those affected by COVID19.

This conference will endeavor to provide attendees the opportunity to understand the clinical reasoning process of our expert presenters. The presenters will work to provide clinical context to their knowledge with plenty of practical applications.

Event co hosted by British Athletics Physiotherapist Michael Giakoumis.

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7:0016:002:00Martino Franchi
PhD skeletal Muscle physiology
Muscle architecture and its functional impact: theory and practice
7:3016:302:30Paul Head
Physio & PhD BFR & NMES
Using NMES & BFK to optimize healing in the acute injury phases
8:0017:003:00Carles Predet
PhD Medicine & surgery and Sports Medicine specialist
Imaging & injury classification
8:3017:303:30Nicol Van Dyk
Injury Surveillance & Medical Research Officer Irish Rugby
Risk and Prevention, the pathway and the process
8.5517.553.55Natalia Bittencourt
PhD, Sports Physical Therapist
The Complex Systems Approach and risk identification
9:3018:304:30Fionn MacPartlin
Lead S&C Coach at GB Intensive Rehab Unit
Principles of Loading during Muscle Rehabilitation
10:0019:005:00Craig Purdam 
Previously head of AIS Physio departmentRehabilitation of Intramuscular injuries- Does it need to change?
10:3019:305:30Byran Heiderscheit 
PT, PhD, FAPTA ProfessorHamstring Rehabilitation - Influence of Biomechanical Knowledge
11:0020:006:00James Moore
Consultant Physio &previously Deputy Chef de Mission Team GB
Hamstring Injury Case Study
12:3021:307:30Andy Walling
Lead Physio British Athletics Endurance Program
Calf Case Study in the Endurance Athlete
13.0022.008:00Tim Parham & Sam Wilson
Rehab Coordinator Arsenal FC
Quadricep strain case scenario in the Kicking Athlete
13:3022:308:30Stephen McAleer
Lead Physio Tottenham Hotspurs
Quadricep strain case scenario in the Sprinting Athlete
14.0023:009:00Closing mentions