Lower Limb Rehabilitation in Sport

Damian Raper: Sports Physiotherapist Geelong FC (AFL)

Damian has completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and is currently working on a Masters of research (thesis) in running biomechanics and ground reaction forces. Damian was the Post Graduate Scholar in Physiotherapy at the Australian Institute of Sport in 2013. He has previously worked with Australian Rugby Union National Academy and Men’s 7s programs and as the head of Rehabilitation at the Essendon FC (AFL).

Steve Allan: Sports Physiotherapist Melbourne Demons FC (AFL)

Steve has completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and is a regular presenter at the Sports Physiotherapy Master program at La Trobe University. Prior to working at the Melbourne Demons, Steve managed state level football teams and worked in a busy private practice in Perth.

Outline- Assessment & Management

Assessment & management of the sporting ankle

  • Clues in a subjective history
  • What not to miss
  • Assessment- Practical
  • Treatment techniques- Practical
  • Syndesmosis injuries- Case study

Assessment & management of the hamstring strain

  • Hamstring strains- Stretch vs. Running
  • Assessment & monitoring – Practical
  • When to image
  • When there is tendon involvement
  • Treatment techniques

Assessment & management of a tendinopathy

  • Differential diagnosis- very important!
  • When is imaging required & why?
  • Assessment & Monitoring- Practical
  • Pain management for tendons
  • In season management of tendon pain

The Sporting Hip

  • What is FAI
  • Making a clear diagnosis – Assessment- practical
  • Key’s to rehabilitation
  • Treatment techniques- Practical
  • When is orthopedic referral warranted?

Learning Outcomes

  • Detailed assessment of the ankle & foot complex
  • Improve hamstring injuries patient outcomes
  • Improve your reasoning and diagnostic skills with tendinopathy
  • Gain grater insight to hip pain & pathology

Outline- Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Management in the Private Practice

  • Best management Vs. Best business
  • Improving your patients outcome
  • Following patients through their rehabilitation
  • Patient centered rehabilitation (the elite athlete model)

Rehabilitation of a Hamstring Injury & Return to Sport

  • Exercise progressions
  • High speed running prescription
  • End stage exercises
  • When is the athlete ready (and safe) to return to play

Tendinopathy Rehabilitation

  • The 4 staged criteria based rehabilitation progressions
  • When and how to introduce high speed energy storage drills
  • Adjuncts to management
  • Achilles and patella tendon focus

Rehabilitation of the Sporting Groin

  • Early exercise selection based on assessment
  • Assessment thought rehabilitation- when to progress
  • Treatment techniques- practical
  • Return to training and return to play

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your athlete management to end stage rehabilitation from your private practice
  • Gain advanced insight to hamstring rehabilitation in order build athlete reliance and reduce the chance of injury recurrence
  • Improved management of tendinopathy with clear outcome and criteria based rehabilitation
  • Improved understanding of groin pathology and rehabilitation guidelines