Jurdan Mendiguchia Hamstring Rehabilitation


  • Jurdan Mendiguchia
    Sports Physiotherapist, Researcher & Injury Consultant

Jurdan Mendiguchia Masterclass

Hamstring Rehabilitation

This Masterclass is a 2- part series, each 45 minutes in length, providing viewers insight into the overall framework, programming and structure of Jurdan’s approach to hamstring injury rehabilitation. These educational videos are made up of the most clinically relevant key take away messages from Jurdan’s full day Masterclass course filmed at the Essendon Football Club.

Both episodes include many fantastic practical exercises to implement into your daily practice yet provide the viewers a deeper understanding behind the ‘why’ of Jurdan’s exercise prescription & implementation.

Jurdan truly leads the way in his approach and methodology to hamstring rehabilitation. This is essential learning for any clinician working with athletes susceptible to hamstring injuries.
We trust you will enjoy!


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Part 1 provides an overview to the framework, programming and structure of Jurdan’s approach to hamstring injury rehabilitation. This  includes a detailed approach to addressing hamstring injury risk factors and early management.
The video run for 45 minutes

Part 2 adds further context to our learning’s in Part 1 and delves into the functional phases of Jurdan’s rehabilitation with a more plyometric and stiffness based rehabilitation exercises. Jurdan explores the importance of high speed running & acceleration mechanics and how this relates to injury, rehabilitation & performance. He talks to the force velocity profile, influence of fatigue and return sport whilst providing many more great practical exercises.

Course Content

0.15 Introduction

2.15 A multifactorial approach to hamstring rehabilitation

3.35 The Regeneration Phase (Overview)

4.48 The Functional Phase (Overview)

– 6.33 Periodization in the functional phase

17.10 Risk factors for Injury: Flexibility

– 17.10 Flexibility

– 20.33 Addressing Flexibility

– 22.42 Dynamic Mobility

23.14 Contralateral psoas/ hamstring mobility

24.22 Risk factors for Injury: Strength

– 25.38 Hip & Knee dominant hamstring exercises

27.35 Risk factors for Injury: Fascicle length & eccentric training

30.46 Rehabilitation Classification

31.33 Training for Hip extension: Gluteus Maximus

– 34.15 Hip Extension exercises- training Gluteus Maximus

37.17 Risk factors for Injury: Lumbopelvic Control

– 40.00 Addressing Lumbopelvic Control

– 40.49 Trunk stability Training

– 42.23 Postural Run Drills

43.33 Early Management- Mobilisation Vs Immobilisation

45.33 Algorithm-Bringing it together

46.48 Functional Phase Rehabilitation

0.15 Case study example

2.13 Hamstring Plyometric drills

2.54 Hamstring Stiffness Drills

4.16 Plyometric training: The hamstring stretch shorten cycle

5.58 Risk Factors- Performance & Injury

8.02 Acceleration Vs High Speed running mechanics

13.42 Acceleration based exercises

17.30 Functional drills- Horizontal force production

18.05 High Speed based exercises

21.50 Influence of Fatigue

23.01 Force Velocity Profile

30.36 Return to Sport

32.05 Analysing technique errors

– 33.10 Common Acceleration technique mistakes

– 33.55 Common Sprint technique mistakes

– 35.30 Correcting technique errors

36.47 Technical running drills within Rehabilitation

– 39.44 Functional phase drills

– 41. 14 Performance run drills

– 42.31 Force Velocity & Horizontal forces

42.00 Sprinting

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