Dr. Susan Sigward is the director of the Biokinesiology MS and Sport Science Programs.  Her research, conducted in the Human Performance Laboratory, aims to identify and ameliorate impaired mechanics that relate to lower extremity injury with a focus on knee injury and rehabilitation. Her work is motivated by her clinical experience as a physical therapist and athletic trainer. Her research expands our knowledge of impaired mechanics following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with an emphasis on early rehabilitation. Additionally, her work has contributed to the understanding of the influence of factors such as experience, age, training and sex influence the development of movement strategies that increase risk for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.  She is passionate about the translation of biomechanical assessments from the research laboratory to clinical and training settings. Much of her current work aims to identify mechanisms that can simplify the process of using available technologies to identify movement impairments following ACL reconstruction in the clinic.

Susan is a physical therapist and athletic trainer with an MS in Anatomy and a PhD in Biokinesiology. After practicing for over 10 years in and orthopedic/sports medicine setting she returned to academics to answer questions regarding movement deficits and injury risk.