Romain Tourillon combines his roles as a sports physiotherapist, researcher and educator through his work with individual athletes at the Swiss Olympic Medical of La Tour Hospital in Geneva (Switzerland). Currently leading the foot-ankle service, he is also involving in a PhD thesis on the role of foot muscles strength in sports performance kinetics under the supervision of JB Morin at the University of Saint-Etienne (France).

Romain actively participates in the representation of the profession on the international level as he’s an active member of the scientific organization : International Ankle Consortium. On a clinical level, Romain completed his MSc in physiotherapy and then undetook his MSc in Training and Sport Performance Optimization in France. He is also a certified Mulligan practitioner (CMP) since 2021. On a scientific level, Romain participated as a speaker in several national and international congress : International Ankle Symposium, French Ankle Symposium, European Congress of Sports Science, etc and has peer-reviewed publications around the thematic of human foot muscles strength.