National Head of Athletic Performance at Rugby Australia.

Dean is a highly experienced elite sports performance professional, with the rare combination of coaching and co-ordination skills. Dean has used these skills to enhance the performance of individuals and teams in Olympic and professional sports across many countries.

In this Masterclass Dean guides us through his extensive experience with assessing and aiding athletes with running technique and hamstring functionality. Some of the topics covered include;

  • Dean's approach to hamstring injuries
  • Training running technique
  • Assessing running technique
  • Common faults in technique
  • Flexibility
  • Hamstring strength
  • The importance of ankle stiffness
  • The role of the calf in the running cycle
  • Coaching hip control
  • Coaching running drills
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Return to running

Dean has some amazing material on offer at his personal website

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist &  Ex Head Physical Therapy – AIS.

Craig was the Deputy Director of Athlete Services for 3 years and the Head of Physical Therapies at the Australian Institute of Sport for 35 years. He has worked as a clinician for elite sport for over 40 years and has been a physiotherapist to five Olympic Games (1984-2000) and a longstanding physiotherapist to the Australian National Men's Basketball team over that period. He has worked with the Australia national track and field, rowing and swimming teams along with AFL football. Craig was awarded the Australian Sports medal in 2000. In 2009 he was appointed as adjunct Professor to the University of Canberra and La Trobe University in 2018.

In this Sports MAP Masterclass Craig talks us through a range of second opinion cases that are often referred to him for his expert advice. Some of the topics he covers are:

  • Hamstring tendinopathy
  • The difficult calves
  • Gastronemius Insertion tears
  • Intra muscular Tendon Injuries
  • T- Junction Injuries of the Biceps Femoris
  • Differential Diagnosis around the knee: The Saphenous nerve

Physiotherapist (PhD) & Researcher La Trobe University.

Ebonie is a post doc researcher at La Trobe University and has completed her PhD in tendon pain, Masters Sports Phys, B. Phys (Hons) and B. App Sci. Her clinical career has included Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Ballet Company, Australian Ballet School, Melbourne Heart Football Club, Alphington Sports Medicine Centre, Victorian Institute of Sport, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics, 2012 London Paralympics, 18 months travelling with Disney's The Lion King stage show.

In this Sports MAP Masterclass Ebonie talks us through her experience with persisting pain in athletes and brings together some of the research in pain science and applying it in our clinical practices:

  • Understanding pain
  • Neurotags
  • Are we truly biopsychosocial
  • Assessment and diagnostic testing
  • Meeting your patient at their story
  • Impact of language in a clinical setting
  • Clinical approach to pain assessment
  • Practical assessments
  • Differential diagnosis of posterior ankle
  • Pain provocation testing
  • Clinical tools for management of a pain dominant presentation
  • Pink flags

This is Virtual Access for the Difficult foot & Ankle Conference held in Melbourne 2020

This is Virtual Access for our Football Sports Injury Conference held in Melbourne 2022

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Foot & Ankle Physiotherapist.

Stuart has a Post Graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and a long working association with Foot and Ankle orthopaedic surgeons. He has a wealth of experience in post surgical rehabilitation of foot and ankle disorders and aims to be the recognized leading physiotherapist in Australia, for these treatments. He is the Clinical Director for Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Australia.

In this Sports MAP Masterclass Stuart guides us through his diagnosis and approach to managing Lisfranc injuries. Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy
  • Injury classification
  • Clinical assessment
  • Imaging
  • CAM walker fitting
  • Rehabilitation stages
  • Foot mobilisation
  • Short foot drills
  • Return to loading and running
  • Clinical take-aways

**Available VERY SOON**

Carmel Bohan is a Physiotherapist & Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) accredited Hand Therapist. In this Sports MAP Masterclass Carmel takes us through her knowledge on managing traumatic hand injuries in sport.

Professor, Sports Physiotherapist, Expert Tendon Researcher & Clinician.

Jill Cook is a professor in musculoskeletal health in the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. Jill's research areas include sports medicine and tendon injury. After completing her PhD in 2000, she has investigated tendon pathology, treatment options and risk factors for tendon injury. Jill currently supplements her research by conducting a specialist tendon practice and by lecturing and presenting workshops both in Australia and overseas.

In this Sports MAP Masterclass Jill shares her invaluable knowledge and experience on Achilles tendinopathy, covering a range of areas including:

  • Assessing Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Understanding tendon load
  • The plantaris
  • FHL assessment
  • Rehabilitation phases
  • clinical advice
This course opens on 12/05/2022.