Advanced Assessment & Rehabilitation in Sport

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Wendy Braybon

Michael Vadiveloo


Michael Vadiveloo is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2011. He graduated physiotherapy in 1986 and is now the owner of City Baths Spinal & Sports Medicine Clinic and Energise Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates Studio in Oakleigh. He worked for St Kilda football club from 1991 to 2005 and travelled with various Australian AFL representative teams. His area of specialisation is the knee with a particular interest in rehabilitation of the lower limb kinetic chain, specifically for knee injury and pain.


  • Assessment of the hip, knee and ankle – From a structural and functional perspective.
  • Functional assessment of the lower limb kinetic chain and its role in common hip, knee and ankle pain presentations.
  • Appropriate Treatment and Exercise interventions for common hip, knee and pathology.

Learning outcomes

  • You will improve your skills to accurately assess the hip, knee and ankle for structural pathology.
  • You will improve your functional assessment the lower limb kinetic chain to determine the possible contributors to the pathology this including:
    • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
    • The hip, knee and ankle
    • Tendinopathy
    • Post surgical-
    • ACL/ meniscal rehabilitation /hip labral and ankle surgery
  • You will fine tune your skills in designing and implementing an appropriate treatment and exercise program to address the fundamental dysfunctions in case presentations.

Day 2 – The UPPER LIMB in Sport with WENDY BRAYBON

Wendy is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist and an APA Ttitled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Wendy has been involved with the Victorian Institute of Sport since 1992 and she has been the VIS Head Physiotherapist since 2003 where she treats and assesses athletes from wide range of sports. Her role also includes the coordination of the physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists.

Wendy teaches at Masters and Post Graduate level for La Trobe and Melbourne Universities, supervising and mentoring physiotherapists in the clinical environment.

Wendy was the Head physiotherapist for the Australian Olympic Team in London 2012. She has represented Australia as a physiotherapist at four Olympics games, five Softball World Championships and two Gymnastics World Championships. Wendy was the Team Physiotherapy Coordinator for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, organized and managed a large team of physiotherapists to support the competing countries and in 2009 she was the Physiotherapist to the Australian Women’s Gymnastics team at the World Championships in London at the 2012 Olympic venue.


  • Advanced assessment of the Upper limb with symptom modification.
  • Using you assessment to guide your management.
  • Rehabilitation of the athletic shoulder.
  • Gems to improve your upper limb manual therapy.


  • You will improve your assessment for diagnosis of the difficult sporting shoulder.
  • You will identify impairments to guide management with greater accuracy.
  • You will come away with greater tools to use from a treatment perspective.
  • You will develop greater ways to program a detailed rehabilitation for the sporting shoulder.

Convenor: Nick Kane – Physiotherapist at the Essendon Football Club (AFL)