#6 Calf Injuries with Shane Kelly (British Olympics)

Sports Physio

Shane Kelly is the Head Physiotherapist of the British Athletic Team

In this episode of the Sports Map Podcast, Shane is presented with a case study of an acute calf strain injury and talks us through his process of rehabilitation back to competition levels. Shane touches on the following area’s:

  • Acute Calf Injury assessment
  • Imaging for calf injuries
  • Prognostic factors
  • Adjuncts for early rehabilitation
  • Early loading & building calf capacity
  • Foot intrinsic training
  • Key criteria in calf rehabilitation
  • Return to Run criteria
  • Early running prescription
  • Training periodization & speed progressions
  • Re training acceleration mechanics
  • Monitoring response to loads
  • Thoughts on ACWR
  • Multidisciplinary team involvement for RTS
  • Key influences
  • And more

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British Athletic Muscle Injury Classification

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