Rehabilitation for Match Demands

Free access to Jarrod Wade’s presentation on Rehabilitation for Match Demands Don’t miss our NEXT FANTASTIC EVENT The Athletic Groin Pain Symposium Click HERE for full details November 24-25th 2018 at the Essendon Football Cub.

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Why we have a placebo effect- Part I

For a long time now, I have stood with my feet precariously placed on two icebergs that sometimes slowly drift apart and sometimes drift back together again (obviously increasing and decreasing my sensation of precariousness). The first iceberg is...

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Prognosis of Rectus Femoris Strains

A male, 27 year old athlete presents to you with right anterior thigh pain one-day post injury. He reports feeling a sharp pain on kicking in the later stages of his soccer match. He was unable to continue playing...

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